Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official!

That's right! We've signed the papers and gotten the keys and are in the process of moving in. We're so very excited. I'll put up pictures as soon as I can. But for now, be satisfied knowing that this is our new address:
19426 Gooselake Lane
Houston, TX 77084
Love you all!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am back from GA

I had a wonderful time in GA visiting Art, Sonny. Arthur and Marlee. Art took us around in the Yukon he bought. It looked brand new, even though it was used. It was good to see them again. Sonny works at Art's school as the secretary so she takes him to school and drops
Marlee off at a good daycare center

For lunch we went to CiCis. It is as good as they show on the TV ads
Grandma and I especially enjoyed the National Infantry museum. Art took us on a tour and was very knowledgeable about it.
Art showed off the clothing he wore and this is the night goggles he uses.
Art is an expert marksman and has fired all of these guns.

This is the badge he has earned.
This is at the front of the museum.

Mary Jo and Marlee enjoyed the back patio

We ate at IHOP for Veteran's Day. At Applebees Art could have eaten for free but there was a 2 hour wait, so we went to IHOP

Art got this Drill Sgt award with a hat stand on the top where he keeps his Drill
Sgt hat

After IHOP we went to a yogurt bar named Chill. There must be about 20
kinds of frozen yogurt with all kinds of toppings. You pay by
the weight. It was so good.

Arthur is a great student in 3rd grade at his school

We were so glad we had a good time. Art and Sonny were great hosts.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello family! How are you all? We miss you and are sad that we won't be able to visit you until next year. The reason is that we're tight on money right now...but for good reason! If you haven't heard..we're buying a house! It's happened kind of suddenly but it's all been a huge blessing. The Lord's hand has been in everything and we're so grateful.
For instance:
We actually had planned to move out and had found a condo that we wanted to move into. It was going to be about $700 a month. We knew it would take us longer to buy a House but we needed space of our own. Right before that all finished and we were about to move, my parents' next door neighbor happened to be outside while my mom was getting home from her daily walk. She mentioned that they were selling her mother's home and that they thought it would be perfect for us. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath for only 79,900! We went and looked at it and decided we wanted to buy, especially after they told us they would pay all the closing costs and what our down payment would be. We realized we could afford it. Everything with all the paperwork and loans has worked out so well. our credit score came back well and everything is just right.
then we had the inspection. That's where I thought that our blessings had run out. There were some things in need of repair that would cost some money. I was little worried, but we decided to just submit those things to the seller and see what they would be willing to fix. one issue was the oven. It had literally been there when the house was built...in 1975. The calibration was completely off. Well the sellers went and bought us a brand new oven and stove with a microwave built over the top. Blessing! Then the AC needed servicing so they brought in a repairman and got the compressor replaced. Blessing! There weer also some plumbing issues since the house hasn't been used in a little while. they had those fixed. Blessing! And finally, the toilet in the hall bathroom wasn't flushing properly. So they replaced it. Blessing!
Anyway, as you can see we are doing well. I cannot even express my gratitude. Also during the inspection I found 2 pomegranate trees, a pecan tree (that' huge and will house a future tree house), a lemon tree, and possibly some berry bushes. The yard is pretty good sized and has a beautiful deck. There is a lot of yard work to be done but Adrian's actually pretty excited about that. And there's a perfect spot for his vegetable garden! oh and did I mention that it's fully furnished and we can keep whatever we want (including a beautiful dining room table)? Yep, pretty awesome.
So hopefully if everything keeps on schedule we'll have a new address come December 1! It'll be 19426 Gooselake Lane Houston, TX 77084. But I'll let you know the exact date to start using that address once we get closer.
I hope everyone else is doing well! We love you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am home from Utah

I had a great visit in Salt Lake City with my good friend Gloria. She was my roomie in Virginia. It was so good to be able to see her again.
We found some great pumpkins in Provo. The kids did a great job of carving them

(with help from Sarah and Richard)

We saw a 3 D movie on Dinosaurs at Thanksgiving Point.

There is such a great Dinosaur museum north of Provo. At Thanksgiving Point they

have more whole dinosaurs than any other museum in the world. Lots of hands on activities

for the kids. It was great.

This was such a great day at Lehman's cave

which is 2 hours west of Sarah's home.

I was able to see my adopted parents, Wilma and Laurence Potts.

It was such a wonderful experience.

I spent the night with Susan Potts Kimura. We were

roomies for 3 years while attending BYU

I had a great chance to eat at the Noodle and Company with Amy

and Dustin. Dustin was Art's old roomie while at BYU. Amy is heading

to the MTC on December 29th where she will be learning Polish before serving in Poland.

I was happy to get to Utah in time for a baby shower thrown by Tara for

Char. Lots of returned missionaries and Amy. There was Sisters Johnson, Morris, Barrett, Christensen, Gill, Klinger, Wengert and Amy. It was so great to see them all.

Went to Delta to see Rhett Arave and his new bride and parents.

He was one of the first missionaries that lived with us.

Richard has rabbits. This is his 'Jack'. While I was there the total bunny supply

was upped to 40. The doe litters are to be 12 and instead they had two batches

of 15. Richard wants to sell them and what they can't sell they eat.

Sarah and Richard after church

I was able to have a great visit with my brother LeGrande who had come

down from Brigham City.

Trick or Treat

Coi was a cute little witch

Ean made a great Pirate

Ria went as a Korean Princess. Sarah had gotten the outfit during her trip to Korea

Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Don still live in Salt Lake. She had just gotten out of the hospital after having her heart shocked to get it back in rhythm. Other than that they are feeling pretty good.