Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life goes on

Life is going by so fast for us. Each day we count as a blessing. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 2year since I have had the brain tumor removed. During surgery I had a stroke. Withe Lord's blessing I Realize that I have no after effects from the ordeal other than the fact that my skull is no longer flat On top,but has bumps where the hole had to grow back together. On March 22 I go in for an MRI and check with Dr. Sillay and I am sure he will find nothing. So blessed that our children are doing so good. Adrian and Brittany are proud parents of a new baby girl, Adalynn. Mackenzie loves her. Arthur just left his family in E Paso, TX to do his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Sonny will finish her BS degree in Accounting shortly. Amanda is expecting in may another little girl.David works very hard so Amanda can be a stay at home mom. Sarah is a wonderful school lunch lady. She is very busy making Sure her kids have all the advantages of piano lessons, dance, swimming. Richard works very hard in the family business and seems to be either going or coming from a wrecker call when I call. Rebecca keeps busy watching little ones. Her charges love to stay and sometimes cry when they have to go home. Mary is the proud devoted mom of a super student. Mary is always going to some concert or event that Ashley is featured in. Eva is still hating trucking and is hoping soon to be back in school. Her truck is a lemon and every trip has at least some major problem. We also have been thrilled to have our grandson Sidney staying with us on the week ends. He has arrangements to be dropped off at the Petro station 6 miles from our home. What a blessing it has been to have this 14 year old boy In our life. Just wanted you to know how blessed we are. Art enjoys his work and is glad he is able to help so many people in his private practice. We are grateful for all the good things that have come our way. WE LOVE LIFE.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grandma Foster turns 90

Georgia and family

Ashley and Jake

Roger, Char, Art

Manuel and Nora

Mindy and Casey

Rebecca and Megan

Ashley and Mary

Sarah and Kendall

Carolyn, Mark, Vicki

Catrina and Chuck


Eva and Pauline

Fritz, Charlene and family

Don, Sarah, Cheryl, and Hannah

Fritz and Steve


Shane, Brittany, Adrian, Eva, Sidney

Lenny and Kim

Kerry, Time, Kandy


Velma holding Family Tree that Brittany and Adrian made


Barb and John


Mary, Mary Jo, Rebecca

David, Sebastian

Art, Robert

Mary, Amanda


Monday, June 13, 2011

Isabellas baptism

Isabella turned 8! She had a wonderful baptism.

mothers day

we had fun on mothers day eating, playing games, and hanging out

fun with the Deardens

Grandma got to hang out with Sarah's kids so she could celebrate her 10 year wedding anniversary with her honey Richard


Ashley went to prom this year. She didn't have fun and by the end of the night she was ready to kill the boy she went with..........but at least she looked cute:)