Sunday, February 28, 2010

Revenge at last

Since I go into the hospital early Tuesday morning, I decided to get my haircut. They are going to shave part of it on the left and I thought it would look stupid, so I got it all cut off. Amanda had a pair of clippers so we did it after church.

Eva cut it off on the sides to make a mohawk. Rebecca put the jell in and there we were.

This was the side view.

Then Amanda took over and took off the rest. I look like one of the Prisoner of War people.

Actually I named this picture revenge. The girls got back at me for when I cut their hair just like this when part of them were little. I know Rebecca, Mary and Sarah at least are rejoicing to see this picture and have lots of satisfaction in their lives right now.

They tell me it will grow back. I am glad

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Before and After of Becca's NEW HOME

This is Rebecca 's bedroom after painting. This is her new carpet. Lighter coat of paint got another coat on it
Rebecca's bedroom before

Megan has the East and West walls dark blue and the North and South walls light blue.
This is a picture of her new carpet. On the wall that the door is leaning up against she has a 10 foot long chalk board that she loves.

This is the north end of the living room with wood floors.

South end of living room
Living room before shows ugly panelling with ugly carpeting that had animal urine all through it. They had to sanitize the flooring underneath before the wood floor could be layed down.
South end of the living room
This is the kitchen cabinets on the south wall. Before the remodling there was only a stove on this wall.

North end of new kitchen

North end of old kitchen
South wall of old kitchen
Front porch as yet is still the same.
New shower on East wall. Used to be an old tub and a window directly above it.

Old tub with window in bath.

There were lots of people that came to help but the Boggs Family and Mark Jefferson put in many hours to do carpenty and electrical. They were truly a blessing from our Heavenly Father.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blast from the Past

Rebecca was looking at the old pictures I have been sorting and wanted me to post them here. Hope you all enjoy.
This is Mary Lou and Charley with Donnie, Jen, and Carrie 1973 on Easter Sunday

Charley was quite a looker.
Chuck in this fist picture is 2 1/2 months on his baptism day.


Eloise and Fred graduate Catacism

Fred and Eloise used to sing and play the guitar together at events.
Fred and Grandpa doing hay