Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Schaetzkas carve Pumpkins

Rebecca and Megan went out to Sue Schaetzka's to a Halloween Party. Megan carved a pumpkin all by herself. It is her first one. Together they brought 5 home. The picture of the guy with the saw was showing how men carve pumpkins-he was not playing Freddie Kruger.

Friday, October 23, 2009

run ashley run

here are some good cross country pics of ashely.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Portrait of Megan

School photos have come along way over the years!!

You know you're Mormon IF........

You Know You're Mormon If...-its not "the early bird catches the worm" its, "the seminary student gets into college"
-you say "provo", "salt lake", or "palmyra" without the state and automatically assume that the whole world knows where those places are
-there is a son on a mission and mom is pregnant with another.
-you know what a "fireside" is
-You go to a church potluck and there is every type of jello imaginable
-8 kids in a family is "average"
-your 14th and 16th birthdays are the best birthdays of your life
-you think "heck" is the place for people who do not believe in "gosh"
-you know how to pronounce and spell Mahonri Moriancumer
-you know what ZL, DL, AP, PPI, BYC, SYC, YSA, GA, EQP, EFY, YC, CTR, and BYU all stand for
-Modest is Hottest
-Youth Conference, EFY, and Girls Camp are the best 3 weeks of the year!
-mormon movies are amazing and Kirby Heyborne is your hero
-you drive into the church parking lot and at least half the lot is filled with 12 passenger vans
-you "Bless this food to nourish and strengthen" your body before eating doughnuts
-going 24 hours without eating is no longer a challenging thing
-a "Caffeine High" is eating a king size chocolate bar
-pick-up lines are the greatest things ever!
-"How many wives does your dad have?" is often the first question asked when someone finds out that you're mormon
-parents are disappointed if their kid "only" got into Harvard
-buying a prom dress is the most difficult thing of your life
-the "EFY Medley" is your favorite song
-writing in your journal is a daily event
-"I can't...I'm Mormon" has been an excuse on more than one occasion
-piano was your first instrument
-your mom is pregnant at the same time you are
-you have 3 or more BYU sweatshirts/shirts
-John Bytheway is your favorite comedian
-you refer to the Cougars as "we"
-you're the fastest one on the road
-a keg party consists of rootbeer
-BYU has been you're dream school since you were 5
-you either live in, have many friends from, or are from Utah
-"So, what color is your toothbrush?"
-being a "rebel" is drinking Mountain Dew more than twice in one week
-lumberjack, the newspaper game, and ride that pony are your 3 favorite games
-there are more women pregnant in your ward than not
-you consider a great date watching The Princess Bride!
- The laying on of hands has nothing to do with physical violence.
- Your hobby is work for the dead.
-you've ever pushed 120mph in a 55mph zone on the way to a church dance
- You've ever had your alarm set for 4:45 am
- Your first date was when you were 16 to a Church Dance and your parent was a chaperone.
-all your dishes have your name written on them with masking tape
-you think Jell-O is one of the basic food groups
-at least one of your salad bowls is at a neighbor's house
-you have never arrived at a meeting on time
-you have more wheat stored in your basement than most third world countries
-you've already got your order in for volume 50 of "The Work and The Glory"
-you think it's all right to watch football on Sundays as long as a direct descendant of Brigham Young is playing
-you have to guess more than five times the name of the child you're disciplining
-you automatically assume that BYOB means, Bring Your Own Burgers
-you go to a party and someone spikes the punch with Pepsi
-you arrive to an activity an hour late and are the first person there
-"Oh my Heck!" is your idea of swearing
-before "The Discussion" in fifth grade you think people get pregnant by praying for babies
-You say "the scriptures" instead of "the bible" and people are confused
-You knew how to iron your own white shirts/dresses before you were ten
-Quadruple combinations are passed down through generations
-The best present on your eighth birthday is a set of scriptures with your name EMBOSSED on the front cover
-You are the only person in your high school's theatre department who knows how to tie a necktie . . . and have to do so for every guy wearing one on stage . . . and you're a girl
-An evening's hi-jinks involve "heart attacks" or "forking"
-You go to college and only know how to cook dishes in amounts of seven portions or more

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dells CF Walk

Mary, Ashley, Megan and I walked in the Dells yesterday with our teams for CF. We had a light rain, but it was still fun.
This is Mary, Ashley and me with our team members.
This is Megan with her team members.

Ashley and Megan walked 3.5 Miles. Mary and I walked 7 miles. The CFF raised almost $6,000.00 and 1/6 of that came from are teams so a BIG thank you to all of you that donated to us. Our next walk will be in the Dells on Saturday May 2rd.
If anyone wants to walk with us next time or join the team we are equal opportunity all are welcome!!!:-)

Arkdale Gatherings

The 2 fish cookers, Charley and Rebecca