Monday, August 30, 2010

Fosters visit from Texas around July 4th

It was so good to have Adrian, Brittany and Mackenzie come up to visit in July. They are residing in Texas now so it is no small feat, especially with an active little girl. They did quite a few things while they were here. We hated to see them go.
At PoynetteBrittany and Mackenzie enjoyed the open air

McKenzie environmental center is a tradition for the Fosters. We are now on 3 generations of enjoyment.

Life is restful when there is cotton candy on the job

Wisconsin Dells'the Witche's Gulch

Mr. Lion open your mouth wide so Mackenzie can get a drink

Mackenzie even enjoyed the horses at Circus World Museum

Megan loves walking with Mr. Boggs Tikwando class.

Adrian, Mackenzie and Rebecca enjoyed watching the parad

4th of July parade found Ashley passing out candy on her dad's float

Wisconsin Dells at Witches Gulch

Megan celebrated her 9th Birthday Party

Megan celebrated her birthday with the Fosters and the Schaetzka's at her home. She was pleased with a Hannah Montana cake and lots of good food that her mom furnished.

Dress from Aunt Missy

Necklace Aunt Brittany made

Isabella, with Megan and mom

Hannah Montana cake

The boys enjoyed the ice cream and cake

Cousing Dalena got to join in the fun

New Twikando outfilt from her mom

Ashley and Davey swinging

Grandma Foster and Megan

Mary and her daddy relaxed

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally June updates

Amanda celebrated her 29th birthday. Charley and Mary Lou were here from VA and Catrina and Aaron were over . A good time was had by all.
Aaron an Charley
Amanda got her cheesecake

Mary and Ashley

Ashley and Mary Lou

Mary Jo, Mary, Ashley and Megan


Charley and Jonny

Davey is always a good eater

Dalena and Isabella

Grandma Foster