Friday, December 17, 2010

December doings

Sarah and RichardAquariam visit for the Fosters

Art and Sanra

Art with tree and wreath his great-grandpa made
Davey and Jonny

Formal Ball with Sonny and AJBadger fans

Coi and Santa

Marlee and Santa

Isabella with Snowball
Martinez family plays in the snow

Ria with Santa-Not sure why it is upside down


Ria and Coi with Snowman

Sonny and sister Shannon from Hawaii who came to GA

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa comes to Baraboo


Thanksgiving dinner was great as usual. Besides our immediate family being there, we were joined by the wonderful Boggs family, Chuck, Eloise, Justin, and Dennis. We ended up holding it at Grandma and Charlies place as the room in our apartment building was taken already.

Sebastians blessing

I realized that I did not put on anything about the blessing day of Sebastian. We met on the first Sunday of November at the Baraboo ward. David gave the blessing while Daddy and Uncle Charley stood in the circle. Nummy food afterward of course.