Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ean was baptized on his Birthday

For his 8th birthday, Ean received this motorcyle and outfit from his parents. It was fun to see he and Richard ride it. We were able to give him his set of scriptures, which are just like his dad's He was pleased.
After the baptism, Ean stood with his family for a picture.

Ean then stood with his parents and grandparents.

It was such a good day. Felt honored to participate. Mary Jo gave the opening prayer, Art a talk on baptism and Adrian a talk on the Holy Ghost. We are proud of Ean and for the great job his parents and teachers have done at teaching his correct principle.

Utah was great

After graduation we went back to Adrian and Brittany's home where it wasn't so busy.
We all met after convocation before we went out to lunch

We were glad to see Dustin who was Art's roomie while he was at BYUFriday night we went to a wedding reception in Salt Lake area for Paula Richards. She is the daughter of James Richards, Art's old missionary comp. of 40 years ago.
Before we left for Wisconsin we were priviledged to see Richard baptise our grandson Ean. We really enjoyed being able to attend.
We were excited to get permission for Mary Jo to be able to attend the Utah events. We had a wonderful time and were so glad to see friends and family. Long drive for us old people, but the Lord blessed us.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I have finally started my blog. It is the one "only the good parts" so check it out!