Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well, my mother wanted pictures of the family to put on the calendar, so I decided I would just share with all of you at the same time. These are just a random collection of things we did or just hanging out.

Kids trying to PuLL Richard off the couch

ChEeSe BaLl!! :)

At one of Ean's swim meets.

Loved "to death"

Riding in a wagon at the Arts Festival

Ean is teaching Coi to read.

We took cousins to the sand dunes and there was no wind when we left home, but when we got there the wind was whipping all over the place. Consequently there was sand whipping all over the place also. We didn't stay too long, and then we found sand in all sorts of places!! :)

Cousin Kelley

Cousin Zane
Coi did her mini-cheer camp again this year and at a football game went out and performed.
O.K...So after having our dress ups box put away for 1-2 years I finally decided to pull them out . This is the result. They were just too funny not to share!!

Coi and Ean's first day of school and the table/desk they sit at.

As you can tell these pictures are in no particular order. These are of the 4th of July float that the garage did. Notice Becca and Mary, this is what an actual float looks like, not just putting a sign on the side of a truck and throwing out candy!

....I'm just sayin'! ;)

Coi in her pioneer dress, waving.

"The General" (the name of that tow truck since it was an old army truck that was actually called the General.) They put a George Washington hat on the top of it.

Ean, Coi, Ria and cousin Kelley

Well there you have it family. That is what the Deardens have been up to!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer is over

Art starts 3rd grade

Ashley starts 10th grade

At the Coke Factory

Not only did they go to the aquariam but made.t to the Coke factory. Had lots of fune

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fosters in GA had fun at the aquarium

AJ, Sonny and the kids had fun on Labor Day weekend. The visited this aquarium. The kids were especially delighted. Thanks Sonny for sharing.

Ashley does cross country at Spring Green

Ashley did such a good job at Spring Green. She finished in the middle of the first half of the girls and Randall finished the 1st out of the Mauston boys.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Is Anyone There!?!?!

Hello My Loved Ones!
I am away in a foreign land with weird Americans! WRITE ME!!!!
I don't want to have to beg!
It would be nice to hear from you all at least once a week. As an added incentive I will promise you this, that if you do write perhaps I will send you something really cool in exchange!!! Like I said I won't beg, but......I will bribe! =)
Love ya all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rebeccas siding party

Megan, Kaity, Wyatt passed out goodie through the window

Elders Julian and Harper put the garage door together