Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jerry we are sorry for your loss

Gordon “Skip” Milton Gerbitz, age 83 of Briggsville, Wisconsin passed away peacefully in the comfort of his own home on Monday, December 22, 2008.
Memorial services will be held Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 11:00 A.M. at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oxford with Reverend Brian Rohde officiating. Please join the family for a time of fellowship and a luncheon following the service at the church.
Gordon was born December 1, 1925 in New Haven Township of Adams County, Wisconsin the son of Edward and Emma (Labrenz) Gerbitz. In July of 1949 he married Delores Steuerwald in Portage, Wisconsin. Over his 59 years of farming, Gordon was involved in many activities; Pork Producers, on the State Pork Producer’s Insurance Committee for 1 year; Farmer’s Home Administration board for 3 years; Douglas Doers 4-H Club including the duty of softball coach for 10 years and pork production leader for 12 years; International Crane Foundation; Central Livestock Show swine committee for 20 years; Marquette County Fair; Neenah Valley Saddle Club; fire warden for 19 years; St. John’s Lutheran Church building committee for 5 years and membership committee for 3 years; family card playing; monthly 500 card club; Wednesday night poker at neighbor’s houses for 20 years; weekly men’s bowling team and couple’s league; Jolly Squares square-dancing and going to auctions.
Gordon was in tune with the land, had a love of nature, blending agriculture with preservation of wildlife. He used innovative farming practices, especially in using his own designs for his farrow to finish hog operation. Gordon’s dream of making his farm a 3 generation farm will be carried on by his grandson. He loved riding his 4 wheeler over the farm and woods and watched generations of vultures hatch in a tree in the woods. He gave access to his land for goose, turkey and deer hunting and participated eagerly in the hunt himself. He also enjoyed sightseeing traveling with his family. Gordon has the respect and friendship of family and neighbors. His humor, good-natured friendliness and generosity will be missed by all.
Gordon is survived by his wife of 59 years, Delores Ada (Steuerwald); daughters, Sandra Rowe of Briggsville, Susan (Bill Johnston) of Billings, MT, Sally (David Ashline) of Moreno Valley, CA; a son, Gerald (Eva Foster), of Briggsville; grandchildren, Dennis Gerbitz and Denise Soule, Jeremy Johnston (Vanessa) and Josh Johnston, Christopher Rowe (Mary) and Sonya Rowe and Andrew Ashline; great grandson, Dillan Soule; brothers, Raymond (Phyllis) and Alfred (Lorena) and sister Lucille (Darrell) Trapp. He was preceded in death by his grandson, Scott Ashline; parents, Edward and Emma; brother, Willard; sisters, Evelyn Ribaudo, Arlene Luger and Eleanor.
Memorials may be given to Home Health United Hospice or the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

I woke at midnight with a surprise, the refrigerator hose for the ice cubes had sprung a leak and was spraying. When I went down to turn off the water there was a big puddle on the floor of the basement. We'll have to get it fixed, but the water drained into the cracks of the basement. The Sister missionaries got up at 6:30 AM to open their presents. The family came over around 10 AM to open the rest of the presents and to eat. Some of us played Rummykub and Phase 10. It was fun. Of course we ate again and wished Grandma Foster a Happy Birthday. Adrian and Brittany called and we all sang Happy Birthday to Brittany who was in Texas. Sarah called while the girls were opening up presents from her. It was a good Day. Mary, Amanda, Eva, and the kids stayed the night as there was to be a big storm. We watched the new Harry Potter movies we bought.

One of the presents we unwrapped this morning was a scrapbook put together with pictures and a note from all the Sister Missionaries that have lived with us. It was a wonderful, thoughtful gift that will be cherished.

Christmas Eve

We again had a real live baby for the nativity. As a change of pace we ate ham that Jerry and Eva had provided and Turkey that Rebecca had cooked in her rotisserie. It was tender and nummy. We opened up presents from Grandma as well as wishing David a Happy Birthday from the 19th. We all left the table full and had a wonderful evening. We were thrilled to have Kandy and Kerry Horrer and Mike Fuller visit with us.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trip to Utah

We did a fast trip to Utah to see the Wedding of Kendall and Sarah Chapman. We got to spend Christmas with Adrain and Brittany and the Deardens. Art finished his Exams on Tuesday about 3 PM and we headed out of UW-Stout for the West. It took us 3 hours to go 100 miles. Every body around ST. Paul was slowed down to a crawl since the weather was so bad. Many cars and trucks were in the ditch. Finally 1/2 way trough Iowa the roads cleared up and it was clear the rest of the days. We left Utah on Sunday to beat the next Snowstorm through. We had fun though. Thursday Jim Richards came up to see his old mission companion (Art) and we took a trip to Preston and Lewiston, UT to see our old residences. Friday was the wedding and we saw lots of old friends. Friday night we had a wonderful Turkey Dinner at Adrian and Brittanys and celebrated an early Christmas, opening presents and all with Sarah, Richard and kids. Saturday morn we saw Adrian coach his Spanish Fork Jr. High students at a wrestling meet. In the afternoon we saw the beautiful, big addition of the Dearden house. It was great. Saturday night we enjoyed the reception and Sunday morning we left to beat the storm. It was good to be with friends and family, but there is "no place like home."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Martinez Family at Christmas Time

Isabella had a blast helping to make cookies. we also went to our church birthday party this last friday and the kids got to see santa and Isabella helped make a gingerbread house.

A change for Arthur

I was actually corrected that Arthur did not receive a promotion. He actually is just receiving more money because it is a much harder job. Art is also signing up one last time and will then stay in until his full 20 years is up and he becomes known as a "life". I hope Art knows we are very proud of how well he has done.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eva finishing up the semester

Eva is finishing up with flying colors. Earlier this week she had to give a presentation to professors as well as other students. She gave it on guest workers in this country. Jerry even went to see it. She is in the honors program and carrying almost strait A's. She is even doing great in Math. She does tutoring of other students, Kids Ranch which helps children after school, had a chance to visit one of the Regents of the University system, and is going to be interviewed about what is like being an older students that has already had a career and is basically starting over. She loves school and tonight she and some other girls were getting together to go bowling and play games.

Grandma gets to see Art and Sonny

Grandma paid for the gas so Eloise could drive her to see Arthur and Family. She loved seeing them and was so glad to go. It is good to see pictures of them. Sonny's sister is living close now and she has enjoyed that. She said it was good to see Art as he would pass by Marlee to reach down and give her a kiss. Proud papa I would say.

Grandma Returns from Florida

I stopped over to see Grandma tonight. She said her trip to Florida was great. She had a wonderful time visiting with Don and Jackie and their girls Brittany and Naomi. Naomi has a horse which she is able to ride and does a great job at. Grandma was treated to Lobster and was treated royally. She was able to see Fred and Sharon who came for a visit. Grandma had a wonderful time with Eloise, Dennis, and Justin.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Megan tested for her Lt.Blue belt today. She did sooooo good. After testing we had are team Christmas party and at the party there where three awards given out and Megan got one for the "Most Improved Student 2008". It has her name on it and everything. She thought it was cool to get because the other two awards had been given to black belts. I was a very proud moma!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ashley is in Show Choir

Ashley had a show in Lodi and so we went down to see it. It is the choir where they do all sorts of dance moves with it. Ashley did the best of anyone from their team. They were there all day and at the end of the program all the schools preformed together. There was a lot of talent. Eva was able to meet us there with Isabella. We all had fun.

A couple of phone photos

Arthur sent this picture to Rebecca. Marlee is a little doll.
Mary has bangs now. It is very curly now and she looks awesome.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Megan got to spend the night at her aunt Missy house on Thursday night. On Friday she did her Christmas shopping for mom & dad with Missy and Alan. Then she went to see Santa. She had a lot of fun with them.

On Saturday Megan & I got to have breakfast With Santa at the high school. It was a lot of fun. The high school kids came around and asked you what you wanted to drink and then brought you some food. We had to stand in line to see Santa for almost 30min, and then paid for one of there pics and just like her daddy always does she blinked. I was not happy!! But she got to tell Santa what was on her wish list and that she was a good girl all year.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Christmas Tree is up

What a great day to get a tree. Sister Hamblin and Sister Bryner were on their first tree expedition. They each took a turn cutting it through. Thank goodness for Rebecca loanin us their truck. I put the lights on the tree and the sisters put on the decorations. They thought some of the old ornaments were unique.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Art is Promoted to Drill Seargent

We talked to Arthur today as we were out shopping in Madison. They had been to the Wallmart in GA to get some deals. AJ (as Sonny calls him, is short for Art Jr) has been promoted to Drill Sgt. It is a huge responsibility but will be more money. He will do it for at least 18 months, but it will keep him from going back to Iraq for several years. We are proud of AJ and grateful for his great example of service. Sonny and the baby are progressing well. Marlee has had a hard time sucking but finally has started taking to the bottle. I just found out that Sonny's sister's husband is also stationed down at Ft. Benning so we are happy Sonny doesn't have to be all alone without her family. Sonny was another year older on Thanksgiving day. Happy Birthday.

I Survived Black Friday

Mary met Rebecca and I at the Wis. Dell's Kohl's at 3:45 AM. We were one of the first 25 through the door. I was amazed at how crazy it was but the sales were terrific. We then went to Wallmart whose sales started at 5 AM. Back in the electronics area was insanely crazy as people began to argue over items. I went to get a coat for my Angel Tree person so it wasn't as bad. I did have a chance to visit with a couple of ladies. Saw Catrina down there. She was shopping the sales too. (Betsy Boggs said at the Old Navy Store in Tanger Mall that they opened the door at Midnight. They had some MP3 player or something that if you bought $20 worth of merchandise, you got it free. So many people tried to shove in, that the girl opening the door was trampled and got her arm busted. All the players were gone in 15 minutes. On the way home at the end, you couldn't see a parking place at the mall that wasn't taken.) We went on to East Town Mall and ended the day at Olive Garden as promised. It was a pleasant day being with the girls and was good exercise. I walked over 10,000 steps today.

Old Thrasher House Burned

The bottom picture is when the fireman were at the house that is across the street from us. You can see where the fire burned on the side in the upper right hand part of the side. The back picture shows that the back porch, kitchen and part of the living room is gone. Apparently it started up again today some, but the fire department was there to extinguish the flames. Justin came over tonight and we asked him what caused the fire. He said an empty Glade Plug in Air Freshner. It seems that when they run out of liquid, they turn into a fuse. With electricity still going into it one spark and it is a fire waiting to happen. They had cardboard boxes all around it. It was enough fuel to burn down 1/2 the house.